Give peace a chance / Ma conviction profonde

Most of human history consists of traveling, discovering, going out the of the comfort zone and challenging their fate. Of course I do not just mention the recent several thousand years, during which the idea of “settlement” begins to take root. I talk about the first million years of the homo sapiens as a big family.

We all come from East Africa!

Provocative as it seems, the latter statement has been backed by scientific reasoning, and this is the most believable theory up to date. Hence, migration has played a big part in our common history.

From a single source, the growing society has tried several ways to separate our big family into “labels”. From the the very obvious appearance categories as black, white, then geographic sets like Asian, European, American,  and to more sophisticated abstract groups as Jews, Christian, deism, Marxists, capitalists. The list goes on.

In this process of classification, a key notion disappears, the very notion that we all belong to a single race, having the same ancestors (once again, not about 2000 years, but a million years ago). Too many wars, too many killing, too many massacres in the name of such “labels”.

Of course, “labeling” works, but apparently only for a minority of the population, who manipulate “labels” so good that the majority of the population forget our big family.

We are like each other more than they want us to believe. And the minority of us have created such huge problems that the rest at the moment have to stand together as a big family. Or we will extinct as individuals.

Give peace a chance !


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