[Photography] How to take a good food picture

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Taking a good food picture is like to take a good portrait in the sense that the main subject of the picture is normally well defined, the dish !

As consequence, we can apply the same tips:

  • It is on the dish that the lens should focus.
  • To enhance the focus effect, in general, the f-number should be as small as possible.
  • The dish normally is put off center, and very often following the golden-ratio rule.
  • Color should be warm and vivid, with relatively high contrast since we want to highlight the texture of the dish. Avoid black-and-white !

In this post, I show two of my pictures that I took for the cooking website of my girlfriend. The one above is “choux à la crème”, and the one below is “panacota”.For the first dish, it was easy for me to highlight the texture of the “choux” because of the contrast in color between the red cherry, brown cake and white cream.For the second, on the other hand, it was the profile picture of panacota in a glass, there wasn’t any texture. We then put a red ribbon in the bottom of the cup to create the contrast red-white, and also to keep the balance for the picture. The position of the knot was set at the “golden position” of the picture.
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