Trilogy of the US: American Beauty

1. A beautiful spring day in Washington DC

Obelisk 2Washington DC is beautiful in spring, with the cherry trees, the obelisk, and the nice weather. In this city, there is no skyscrapers,then “above us only sky”. The Reflecting Pool in the pictures, which have witnessed many important contemporary events, becomes a peaceful place for people to enjoy the sun.

2. MOMA moment

S'Observer #picasso #momaWith its economic power, the USA have become a meeting point of art lovers, because of various prestigious collections around the country. In Boston, I saw Monet’s paintings in the Museum of Fine Art unintentionally, and in New York, I saw the master piece of Picasso, “Les demoisselles d’Avigon”. Not just a place for big collection, the US have also become a incubating place for avant-garde artists to flourish, of which I am particularly fond of Pollock, a subject of a future “trilogy”.

3. Patriotism

United States of America - Independence DayIt was not something I had ignored before my first trip to the US, but the American patriotism amazed me by its depth and its grandeur. People in the country talk about their love to the country openly and passionately, either generations-rooted or newly-immigrated. The understanding of this patriotism has been a ground for all my thought about the story in the US, in the past as well as in the current days.


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