Strasbourg – carrefour européen – European crossroads

1. La magnifique cathédrale

An artist at Strasbourg

2. Invraisemblable Contraste de la Petite France et ses résidentes

Une bronzée de Strasbourg (Explored)

3. Europe, Europe – une belle idée, un super projet

Parlement européen - European parlement

#Note: This article belongs to the Trilogy series. In each article of the series, three photos are used to illustrated a country or a city that I have visited, based on their quality and on the story that they tell. I fully understand that this idea is on the edge of being ridiculous, for it is impossible neither to generalize the nature of a city and a country based on my humble and limited experience, nor reduce the their rich characters into three, the series is here to give a very personal opinion on the places that I have been to, and that I love. And in the hope of being useful.

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