Social distancing in Santa Barbara, California

Californian sunset

It has been a strange time, an experience of a lifetime. Two months into the lock-down, some people are still trying to make sense of it, while it is totally clear for some others. Kids living in Isla Vista are following well the social distancing guideline, there is no outbreak in this community which makes life easier because people can go out running and enjoying the weather. As for Santa Barbara County as a whole, the situation is also under control, it is still possible to visit the mountain and go hiking. Flowers are beautifully blooming in these sunny spring days.

Californian flower II

Until the lock-down, I hadn’t had a break for a while, and hadn’t had time to think. The lock-down period has provided a good rest to refresh the mind for new research ideas. But most importantly, as I believe that our time is wonderful to be alive, technology-wise, so, first, try to be alive.

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