Welcome to my website !

My name is Tùng. I am an engineer and scientist by training as well as by conviction. My main interest as an engineer is to deploy nano and micro-structures on large-area surface with scalable and industrial technique. For example, I used to work with machines which create very thin layers on windows glass, in order to keep houses warmer in the winter. Now I am drawing fibers with complex structure to go beyond optics. My hobbies are running and taking pictures (not at the same time however). I have been in some amateur running events with a dream of finishing a marathon to honor my memory of the Boston Marathon; and I have a photo gallery in Flickr and write about photography in my blog.



How to call me:

My full name is Nguyễn Đăng Tùng. I share the family name “NGUYỄN” (Nguyen) with other 40 million compatriots and people of Vietnamese origin; and “NGUYEN Dang” can be considered as a family name, a branch of the big trunk “NGUYEN”. Since we come from a big family (as all human beings do 🙂 ), it makes little sense to call “Mr. NGUYEN”.

In Vietnam, everybody is called by their first name, and although “Mr. NGUYEN” or “Dang-Tung” are also fine as long as I understand that’s me to whom people refer, it’s better to call me “Tung” (and all other derivatives such as “Mr. Tung”) as in my mother-tongue.