Photography with a cellphone

Compared to a DSRL, the camera of a cellphone lacks a lot of features. For instance, it is impossible to change the aperture, which limits the variation of depth of field. But it does not affect the choice of composition, of subject and of light (in most case). And cameras of advanced (read “expensive”) smartphones have comparable and even higher resolution than a standard amateur or semi-pro DSRL. Moreover, a smartphone is, by definition, a mirror-less camera in automatic mode; as a consequence, it inherits all the benefits that hardcore fans of mirror-less are arguing: small, mobile, etc…

The previous reason is particularly true for me. After having a 2kg lens, I only use my DSRL for special occasions, for example during my trip to exotic places or to take a profile pictures for US embassy. Other times, I use my smartphone, a Samsung J3 2016, to take pictures. It has been fun. I run often near the Leman lake in Lausanne, and with my cellphone, I have been able to capture some exciting moments into photo. Here is a 1-2-3 series taken recently of the bank of Leman lake,late afternoon in a winter day after the rain.

1. Winter water
Leman lake after a winter rain.

2. On the way to Leman lake

Leman lake after a winter rain.

3. Together
Leman lake after a winter rain.

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