Top things to do in Paris

Some of my photos are used in this wonderful article about Paris. Happy !

Chez Bao- Journey in the U.S- Stories about Living in Santa Barbara,CA

Notre Dame

“There’s no city like this in the world. There never was.” – Midnight in Paris – Woody Allen

Hi everyone,

One of my colleagues is going to visit Paris and asks me for some local tips since I lived in Paris for the last 10 years. Well, I can say that Paris is my home now but you know what, Paris is a hidden treasure so I’m still amazed by its beauty and excited each time I find a new place. Paris is so beautiful and unique.

However, here you are some suggestions for things to do in my lovely Paris.


  • Visit Paris not only during the day but also at night, it’s a city of light after all. You can go to Eiffel Tower again at night ( around 10 pm), since every hour, the tower will blink! You don’t want to miss that.

The Signature of Paname

  • take the metro 6 to Trocadero, this is…

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